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Custom Synthesis (CRO)

Analogues for Lead Generation/Lead Optimization We offers stand alone chemistry solutions from hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimisation and development for pharmaceutical industries. We provide innovative solutions to research problems of our customers through costeffective approaches and adhering to their timelines.

Synthesis of Focused Libraries

We have a special group to take the requirement of library structuring and build-up.The chemists are equipped to design and synthesis small focused libraries of tens to hundreds of compounds using parallel chemistry. A complete synthesis protocaol and analytical reports are shared with clients for these molecules.

Reference Standards and Impurity Standards

We receive a fantastic service from the Pet Blood Bank and this greatly improves our ability to manage a wide range of life-threatening and complex illnesses in dogs.

Reference Standards and Impurity Standards

We offers an extensive catalogue (more than 4000 impurities) for immediate shipment. Where stock is unavailable,we will undertake production of new impurities upon customer request. An uncompromising level of quality is offered for each impurity standard provided. Every standard produced is accompanied with a complete Certificate of Analysis (COA) and supported by comprehensive analytical data.

Isolation of Unknown Impurities and Degradants

We have considerable expertise in the identification and isolation of new and challenging degradants and unknown impurities.We can provide expert advice on the mechanism of degradant formation and advise on modifications to formulations to reduce their levels.We can even design synthesis of these degradants in cost effective manner to reduce the project cost of our client.

Process Development and Scale up

We have a dedicated group of scientists with enriched experience in scale-up activities,to assist our collaborators in meeting their needs from laboratory to pilot plant to commercial quantities.The skill of group lies in Process design, optimization, standardization of steps considering scalable manufacturing needs,synthetic demonstration and transfer of process technology to pilot plant.

Featured Products

Atorvastatin FXA,FX1,Pyrrolidine analogue and Phenanthrene analogue

4 Epi,6 Epi and 2 Accetyl (Imp F) Doxicycline

Simvastatin Imp D, Imp F, Imp G, Imp I, Imp K and Imp N

Dutasteride All impurities (Epimer and A & B Dimers)

Mycophenolate All impurities

Saxagliptin ALL isomers (8 isomers)


Steroids and Hormone Impurities

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